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Though its roots can be traced back to basketball, netball has never been able to establish itself amoung the foremost sports for women within the US sports marketplace. However, with the historic landing of the 2005 World Netball Under 21 Championships in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the years of work done by USANA (The United States of America Netball Association) which had gone relatively unseen by the general public was finally bearing its friuts. With this remarkable event, the sport which is largely considered as the most highly participated of all female sports, came new intrigue and unprecedented changes in the form of Netball specific facilities, increased participation fueled by the large immigrant population and even proposals to add netball to school sporting curriculums.

What had been known for years amongst the immigrant community was finally coming to the forefront with new media attention. These changes gave greater exposure to the many leagues and teams which regularly donned their uniforms on weekend without much fanfare for over the past 25 years. Recognizing the potential of South Florida and the Caribbean as prime locations for netball tours and tournaments; 4 Tors has taken the bold initiative to introduce a scintillating combination of great weather and intense competition in a one of a kind tour package for teams looking to test their wit and mettle against seasoned opponents who live for the game.

Our feature tournament, The Florida Netball Classic’s (www.floridanetballclassics.com ) held annually in October of each year offers a high level of netball for juniors and open teams along with a stunning array of extra curricular activities as its is hosted around the annually held Miami Carnival (http://miamicarnival.net/miami_carnival.html ). Package range from 4 to 10 night itineraries and is certain to appeal to everyone from the weekend warrior to the avid netball aficionado (for more info please visit the Florida Netball Classics). Outside of the tournament dates, netball tours are offered on a year round basis and can include a mixture sightseeing (visits to Disney World, Kennedy Space Center and the Florida Everglades), training clinics with world renown players introducing new techniques and games against like opponents.

Our experienced staff are dedicated to providing professionally organized, hassle free tours tailored to your club's specific requirements. Clients range from social teams to universities and schools. Our destinations include tours to Florida and Jamaica